These are my own thoughts, as a freethinking individual. I represent no one. No organization or group or other individual.


In every time and place where scientists gather, there are areas of consensus and other ones full of bitter feuds, between fractions that fight each other.

This diversity is a main character of science. Sometimes historic scientific facts, even from modern time, looks very stupid from the view point of where we are today.
Scientists clings to a pet theory, until it’s impossible to defend.

Like the ”fact” I was told in high school, about how we never grow new brain cells.

Or that ”races” in humans actually exist and have different IQ.

Science can be used for all kinds of things. Nazi Germany had it’s own scientists defending what was going on then and there. 

So science can be very misleading and full of chaotic facts that are, or at least seem, totally unrelated.

But I don’t defend science because I think scientists have all the answers. I joined The March for Science recently. Why?

I march for the right to doubt, the right to ask uncountable stupid questions, the right to try my theories over and over again, even though progress is painstakingly slow.

The right to be paradoxical using logic and statistics for certain areas and a more vague, qualitative approach in others.
Because knowing about the many different roots of science and philosophy matters.
Existence is paradoxical. It needs to be seen from many angles. That’s why science and arts have been both taught and learned side by side, by the creative geniuses we all love to admire.
Arts and science, not bans and silence.



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